Our event will be held in the Brown-Kopel Business Building (main sessions in Ayers Auditorium and meals in the BK Lobby).


8:15am        Registration (BK Lobby)     
9:30am     Paul: A Man with a Plan (Galatians 2:8-9; Rom. 15:20-29) (purpose, Long & short range planning, job descriptions, etc.)        Dale Jenkins
10:30am    Separate Classes:     
    How to Recruit, Train, & Vet Future Elders/Deacons    Jerrie Barber 
    Recruiting, Training, and Resourcing of Bible Class Teachers    Kirk Brothers
    Organization 101: How to Be an Organized Leader   Aubrey Johnson 
    Elder/Preacher Communication    Earl Edwards and Stan Mitchell
    Ladies Class: How to Plan and Organize Activities for Women
  Ashley Estes
11:30am    Lunch: Paul: The Mentoring Missionary (Timothy, Titus)    Dan Winkler
12:30pm    Men’s Session: Leadership Starts at Home   Aubrey Johnson
    Women's Session: Responsibilities of a Church Leader's wife   Cathy Powell
1:30pm    Brainstorming Session, We will divide into groups and share ideas:    
    Long Range Planning & Elder/Deacon Planning Retreat Ideas
  Dale Jenkins, group leader
    Recruiting and Training Volunteers/Elders/Deacons
  Aubrey Johnson, group leader
    How to Be a better Deacon
  Aubrey Johnson, group leader
    Elder/Preacher Communication 
  Stan Mitchell, group leader
     Ladies Group: Share ideas on mentoring younger ladies and teens   Cathy Powell, group leader
2:30pm    How to Motivate and Track Member Involvement   JJ Turner
5:30pm    Dinner and Message - "Imitate Me: Paul’s Example"    JJ Turner
6:45pm   Legal Q&A    Stephen Rogers and Matt Vega 
7:30pm   Break for the day     




8:15am       Registration (BK Lobby)        
9:30am    Leadership Tips from a Two-Star General   Gen. Paul Johnson
10:30am    Separate Classes:     
    Money Matters in the Church    Brandon Lanciloti 
    Basic Song Leading Tips
  John Hall, John P. Wiegand
    Children’s, Teen Curriculum Scope and Sequence 
  Paul Spurlin
    Outreach Ideas: Wonderful Wednesdays & Give-Away-Day - Dan Winkler, Chad Landman     Dan Winkler, Chad Landman
    Counseling Tips for Church Leaders
  Ryan Fraser 
    Ladies Class: Dealing with the Other Woman…the Church
  Tracie Shannon 
11:30am    Lunch (meal, message, and presentations)    
    Paul: A Person of Perseverance (cf. Acts 16; Paul never quit)
  David Shannon  
    Servant-Leader Elder Recognition     
    Servant-Leader Deacon Recognition     
12:45pm    Spotlight Eldership: Mount Juliet - What Has Worked for Us (and What Hasn’t)   MC: Earl Edwards
    30 minute presentation by elders from Mount Juliet    
    20 minute Q&A with panel of elders (Mount Juliet and others)     
2:00pm - 2:45pm   Brainstorming Session (break into groups to share ideas on a variety of topics):    
    Education Programs Discussion Group 
  Paul Spurlin, group leader 
    Elders Discussion Group (share ideas on work of elders)     
    Deacons Discussion Group (share ideas on work of deacons)     
    Money Matters Discussion Group    Brandon Lanciloti, group leader
    Technology Use in the Church Discussion Group      Chad Landman, group leader
    Ladies Group: Effective Children’s and Ladies Classes     
3:00pm - 3:45pm    Technology Tips for Churches and Church Leaders   Chad Landman 


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